Monday, April 28, 2008

The "Elitism" Stigma

So John McCain and, especially, Hillary Clinton are trying to paint Barack Obama as elitist. When did elitism become such a negative? As a country, have we not learned anything in the last 8 years? We voted for Bush over Gore in part because Gore was seen as elitist. Then we voted for Bush over Kerry, again, in part, because Kerry was seen as elitist. And now Hillary is "tarring" Barack with this label and the attack seems to be gaining traction with the public. Amazing.

Why is it so important to people to have a President that they can relate to on a personal level? I'm sure many of the people who disapprove of Bush (which is now ~70% of the country) would rather have him as a drinking buddy than Gore or Kerry. Let's face it, W is a more personable guy. But so what? Shouldn't we be electing presidents of high intellect, who are well educated, and can speak authoritatively to the real issues facing the country? Does it matter that such a person might make you feel like an idiot by comparison? In fact, isn't that a good thing???

Lest you think I'm a rabid Obama supporter who has lost all objectivity, let me assure you that I am not. In fact, I am quite disappointed with all three major candidates. Ron Paul gets my vote.

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